Build from your true self and what you want first

To create and sustain the work and life you want, collaborate with Ruth Schimel PhD. For focusing and anchoring, attention is paid first to your strengths, interests, and well-being before committing to preferred, viable possibilities.

Proven over decades with a wide range of over 2,000 clients, her pioneering processes avoid limiting you with static labels and categories, often overtaken by accelerating change. Throughout this discerning inside-out process, bridges are built to cross from your past to present as preparation for the ever-evolving, uncertain future.

Clarify meaning and purpose related to what you want to do

As you work with Ruth, you’ll get the tools, experience, and encouragement for sustaining self-sufficiency and the progress you want. Attention is paid to building a work and life of meaning and purpose that distinguishes you, your needs, values, and aspirations.

Get new resources to expand your possibilities and vision

Work with Ruth to consider and explore both focused and broader choices, available now and evolving. The processes includes how to transcend limiting internal constraints and preconceptions you may have. Inspiration, empathy, and insight are integral to your interaction with Ruth.That includes access to over 250 free, short guides related to work search, development, and quality of life. You can also find and confirm your courage using Ruth’s “Choose Courage” book series, here and at

Further encouragement is in Ruth Schimel’s seventh book, Happiness and Joy in Work: Preparing for Your Future, available now on Amazon. You’ll benefit from its singular focus on what individuals can do to make the most of their strengths and influence the many unknowns ahead to their advantage. Get your bonus first chapter and one-page description of the entire book here.

Obtain free related services

Other aspects of Ruth’s services include free short phone and email exchanges, access to hundreds of original guides, leads to relevant learning, employment and opportunities to connect with others, a monthly pithy Newsletter geared to recipients’ interests and website Resources and Blog articles.

Request an initial conversation without cost

To explore how Ruth’s services and resources will support your needs and interests, call her to arrange a free 30-minute consultation.   202.659.1772.  Alternatively, email a brief description of your interests and questions to

career consulting services

Identify and integrate themes from your interests, talents, and strengths to find or launch the work you want, now and later.  Smooth transitions and move beyond internal obstacles to success.  Boost management and leadership effectiveness and other abilities and skills to continue thriving.  Five other related options are offered.

Develop inspiring focus that also reflects the dynamism in your life and work to generate the continuing meaning, purpose, and success you want.  Convert internal blocks to progress into opportunities.  Create and use your adaptable, holistic profile for action to express your true self and priorities over time.  See other options at Career Consulting as well.


Skill development is crucial for quality of life, effective work and pleasing play. It supports your goals and continuing brain vitality, while preparing you for continuous change in most situations. Work with Ruth to focus on specific transferable and interpersonal skills you want to deepen and expand. She can also guide you in ways to learn content skills for the present and future.


Fees are determined by the hour, pay as you go. Along the way, you’ll benefit from access to relevant, free materials and communication.