Ruth Schimel, PhD, offers a range of customized services to encourage your authentic personal and professional progress and success. I will help you become self-sufficient in your career and life management with original processes, practices, and ideas, including choices of hundreds of free guides. My “Choose Courage” book series and attention to your unique needs and interests will provide tools and inspiration to express your strengths, expand your skills, and address your hopes.

A forthcoming book is “Happiness and Joy in Work.” Like the “Choose Courage” series, it is a flexible, interactive, interdisciplinary book designed to assist you in realizing your true capacities. This book focuses on the future of work, using an array of the arts to enlist your imagination, creativity, and participation. Other services include public speaking and designing and delivering workshops, all geared to strengthening individual, group, and organization effectiveness.

Arrangements are easily made for consultations with clients from other areas of the United States and abroad.

Leverage your interests, talents, and strengths to find or launch the work you want. Transcend internal blocks to success. Boost management and leadership effectiveness and other ways to advance.

Blend balance and dynamism in your life and work to create meaning and success you want. Turn internal blocks to progress into opportunities. Base your adaptable map for action on your true self and priorities.

My experiential workshops focus on skill building and retention. Enjoyable, collaborative, and educational, they are customized to meet your personal and professional needs.


You can choose from prepaid packets or a pay-as-you-go arrangement. Along the way, you will benefit from access to many free materials and services.


To suit your interests and goals, I offer you the best, appropriate processes, methods, and sources to create effective strategies for action and success, as you define it.