Ruth Schimel has designed these free resources to help you promote your personal and professional progress on your own and with others. They are examples of the hundreds of original guides available to Ruth’s clients. Adapt them to your situation and nature.

Also free: If you have a short, focused topic or theme you want to address, email Ruth so she can see if she has a related guide to send you. Please keep your description to no more than a few sentences or less.

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The following guides are examples of what Ruth provides her clients as part of her services. As you’ll see, many of them are short and digestible.  If used for commercial purposes you must obtain permission from Ruth Schimel. 

Your Life-Long Process of Becoming Courageous: Accessing the Keys to Your Inner Capacities

Take heart! This guide will help you access your own capacity for courage. You will also find ideas for encouraging others

Taking Your Leadership and Managerial Abilities to the Next Levels: A Self-Assessment

Use this 10-page tool to appreciate the range of your strengths and further develop areas worth improving.

Mentoring for Mutual Benefit

Create and promote mutual progress in professional and other situations as you choose and use ideas from these five pages.

Influence How Others See, Hear, and Judge You: Your Choices Can Strengthen Relationships and Improve Results

Five pages of practical, accessible choices for improving the impressions you make.

Choices for Design and Timing of Your Worklife

A two-page grid of dozens of ways to earn your living with timing choices, plus an action timeline.

Styles of Thinking: Expanding your Repertoire

Two pages summarizing five types of thinking to strengthen and widen your approaches to work and understanding how others think as well. Emphasis is on synthesizing, so useful for preparing for the future of work.

Make the Most of Your Tensions: Use Them in Designing Your Worklife

Use this one-page process for transcending either/or thinking and turning it into creative action for progress.

Effective Interviewing: Preparation, Presentation, and Follow Up (plus ideas for Interviewers and Headhunters)

Ace your interviewing process from start through finish using these four pages.

Ten Tips for Pleasure and Progress in Almost Any Effort

One page of common sense, possible actions to smooth and improve daily choices.

Transcending Barriers to Professional Progress

This one page will help you choose personalized items for attention, development, and action.

Converting Avoidance to Action for Your Benefit

Shows how to move beyond procrastination in four pages by taking small steps in any direction that will make a positive difference in your life.

Making Your Legacy Live Now

Find inspiring, enjoyable, accessible ways to benefit your current life and contribute to others using these four pages.

Couples Conversation: Clarifying Issues, Choices, and Opportunities

In two pages, see how to move your significant relationships toward collaboration and creativity for better outcomes.

Creating Your Own Recipe for a Good Quality of Life

Enjoy these two pages as you think about how you want to design your life for improved meaning and positive results.

Words of Courage: Quotes to Inform and Inspire Your Action

Focus your thinking and emotions to strengthen daily choices and opportunities with a positive spirit.

The Power of Storytelling – Slide presentation

Example of a Storytelling presentation Ruth did for a Coaches’ group to which she belongs.

Please provide your name and email address and you’ll receive occasional special offers related to Ruth’s seven books on Amazon as well as relevant tips and information. Of course, we will not share your information with third parties.