New Book: Happiness And Joy in Work

“Happiness And Joy in Work”

“Happiness and Joy in Work: Prepare for Your Future” by Ruth Schimel, PhD, guides you through the challenges and opportunities you’ll face during these continuing times of accelerating change. Available late summer 2018, this book shows you how to take the initiative to benefit from what’s emerging by integrating your unique potential, interests, and abilities. Included is a holistic, interactive process for identifying work that suits you well now and can evolve to meet new realities over time.

The graphic above shows how three reinforcing, interacting themes in the book merge to promote your happiness and joy in work:

  • Lifelong Learning: connecting goals, interests, and information for continuing benefit and meaning
  • Soft Skills: using the power of transferable skills to work effectively and create success as you define it
  • Technology: anticipating, influencing, and participating in available and emerging technological developments

Drawing on a range of fields, “Happiness and Joy in Work: Prepare for Your Future” provides choices for expanding your skills, abilities, and horizons. You’ll gain insights from the arts, social sciences, and sciences as well as chances to practice drawing, telling stories, and coloring images. As increasing appreciation of your true self leads to further empowerment and enjoyment, you’ll keep directing your life confidently and effectively. Strengthened by your experience, curiosity, and intuition, the book also offers you ways to transcend blocks and difficulties that may bring some fear and anxiety. Short, adaptable guides in the appendices and endnotes are designed to deepen your abilities and knowledge in practical, accessible ways.

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“We gain strength, and courage, and confidence by each experience in which we really stop to look fear in the face… we must do that which we think we cannot.”

Eleanor Roosevelt