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Leverage your interests, talents, and strengths to find or launch the work you want. Transcend internal blocks to success. Boost management and leadership effectiveness and other ways to advance.


Blend balance and dynamism in your life and work to create the meaning and success you want. Turn internal blocks to progress into opportunities. Base your new map for action on your true self, purpose, and priorities.


“Happiness and Joy in Work: Preparing for Your Future” shows you how to integrate lifelong learning, use soft skills, and anticipate emerging technology. Available late Fall 2019.

Why Work with Ruth?

Ruth Schimel, PhD, Career & Life Management Consultant, offers expert guidance with original, personalized ways to leverage opportunities and transcend internal barriers to happiness and success by:

Mastering effective, unique processes and tools for current progress and independent applications in the future

Liberating your full, authentic self to make wise, ambitious choices about the work, purposes, and life you want

Making sense of your varied interests, skills, and goals using a 360° view of your potential and the situations you're in



“Choose Courage: Step Into the Life You Want” transforms what could just be a heroic cliché into actual ways you can realize your true capacities. Based on doctoral-level research with everyday people, Ruth Schimel has developed a 21st -century definition of courage. Instead of telling other people’s stories, this book shows how your own efforts at dealing with difficult or challenging situations already prove your capacity for courage. You’ll get the tools and guidance to build on your strengths and skills, whether or not you appreciate them entirely now. You’ll also benefit from an array of options for transcending emotional barriers.

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