Career Consulting

Career Consulting with Ruth Schimel, PhD is designed for you, whether you…

Anticipate accelerating change will affect your self-sufficiency, confidence, or contentment

Want to be intentional about how you live now and later

Know your present situation is not a good match or vulnerable

Search for greater meaning, purpose, and appreciation in your life and work

Are in transition

Let’s collaborate to choose an inspiring focus for work you want now and in the future.

We can start by clarifying your preferred subjects, issues, skills, people, and situations to ensure an accurate basis for action. This information, our careful conversations, and additional short handouts will provide certainty and motivation for effective decisions and choices. Also suited to your nature and evolving circumstances, this inside-out approach will help avoid reacting first to whatever you notice or is advised by well-meaning people.

Using this process during five to seven meetings will give you the tools and experience for self-management now and as circumstances naturally shift in the future:

  • Describe what you want to do based on current credibility coupled with a range of possibilities and viable vision for your future
  • Transcend internal blocks to progress
  • Define and choose how to obtain related knowledge and experience
  • Cultivate connections and colleagues
  • Practice presenting yourself confidently and effectively, including interviewing
  • Write resumes and other materials that credibly and powerfully bridge your past and future
  • Develop strategies to deal with accelerating change and to support success as you define it

Arrangements are easily made for consultations with clients from other areas of the United States and abroad.

Other Options for Career Consulting Include:


Confirm viability of your ideas for work using common sense evaluation, handouts, research, and our focused conversations. Identify necessary skills, abilities, and experience for determining linkages and learning needs. This process usually benefits from three to four meetings.


Identify how to expand, strengthen, and deepen your management and leadership skills and abilities in these two steps. This process usually benefits from three to four meetings for action planning, practice, and concrete progress. Together, we will:

  • Interpret completed self-assessment of leadership and management skills and abilities to appreciate strengths, develop strategies for improvements, and take action based on guidance, free handouts, and benchmarks
  • Test approach through practice and feedback, identification of supporting and detracting tendencies, and future planning with my guidance and feedback from other experts you know


This process usually benefits from three to four meetings that include these three steps, goals, and results:

  • Name, describe, and address within your chosen time frame a few significant issues that hinder your work aspirations
  • Use guidance, skills practice, and evaluation of experience, supported by free materials and feedback
  • Test and fine-tune plan through specific, consistent action, including agreement on your independent follow up steps

Meeting Content and Arrangements

Once you choose the services you want from the options above or other possibilities that make sense to you, face-to-face meetings with me are often the most productive. Effective phone and email arrangements are also possible, especially for clients well beyond the DC area.