Make Your Later Life Vital


Ruth Schimel PhD, Career & Life Management Consultant, Author,


  • Use the gift of your longevity well.
  • Bring meaning and purpose to how you use precious time after retirement.
  • Be ready for rapid changes in behavioral norms that shift expectations about neat linear sequences of education, work, marriage, parenting and retirement.
  • Mitigate the shock of health issues, loss of job or partner and technological change that can catapult you into the unknown.
  • Have effective strategies for reentering the workforce or pivoting in your career or profession.

Such realities bring new opportunities as well as challenges. So, reap the benefits of longevity on a continuing basis by investing incrementally in self-care and clarifying the future you want.

Convert shifts in relationships, work and status to your benefit by being prepared and happily focused on priorities as much as possible. One key to doing this is moving from the inside out, who you are and what you truly want, instead of jumping to what’s outside, available or just familiar.

Whether you dream of early retirement, independent or new means of earning, explorations at least involve questions of what, why, how and with whom.

To prepare for and influence outcomes beneficially, your evolving identity provides both foundation and comfort. Ways to build on your strengths include:

  • Being true to your own values and needs
  • Knowing how to keep renewing your passions and interests
  • Staying clear about priorities while situations are in motion

As Nina Simone sang in Everything Must Change, “no one and nothing remains the same, young becomes old, and mysteries do unfold…”

Choose ways to move beyond requirements that shunt you into being constantly busy. As you know, Irretrievable time is better used when you have engaging purposes and ways to flourish.

Although it’s difficult to let some things go ¬ especially automatic pilot habits ¬ get in the groove of briefly considering choices before acting. Stay current as well as ready for and curious about a range of possibilities that have true meaning for you.


To experiment, explore and embrace encouraging possibilities, work with me to improve your present as well as to plan and create your authentic future. We’ll establish and sustain momentum using a rhythm we agree on. Within that, your curiosity, creativity and imagination will be sparked. Ideas and opportunities can also be assessed. Ultimately, actions and feedback will elicit hope and confidence.

To assist you in moving forward, I offer a flexible menu of topics and processes that match your interests and needs. You’ll have access to dozens of free practical short materials that address what’s unique about your situation and goals. You’ll get tools, guidance and lively, open conversation for continuing renewal and improvement. As a result, you’ll be prepared for shifts and changes now and to make your future life viable and vital independently later.


As you work from your inside out, I’ll be by your side in designing, stretching and acting in focused yet open-minded ways. Over the time warranted by your situation, you’ll be prepared and inspired to reframe assumptions, expectations and visions. In present and coming decades, you’ll be ready to realize, refine and integrate your true powers and passions.

This menu of topics below is long, but aims to be complete based on my experience with over 2000 clients including a range of ages and backgrounds. We will decide and adjust choices in your own list as priorities change and other topics emerge. For your unique progress, they may be addressed in various degrees of depth, sequences and combinations.

  • Family (by birth and choice)
  • Healthy relationships
  • Self-expression through the arts
  • Housing and location
  • Work and profession, however you define them
  • Spiritual and/or religious practices
  • Learning and exploring
  • Money/Income/Investments
  • Self-awareness and growth
  • Entertainment, play and sports
  • Context and dynamic situations
  • Community service
  • Interests and passions
  • Health maintenance
  • Your topics and ideas?

As we work together, goals of self-awareness and self-appreciation will be further satisfied. You’ll become self-sufficient in addressing and initiating future shifts and changes in your situation to benefit yourself and others, now and later. Uncertainty will convert to confidence and comfort buoyed by your principles and purposes.

Eight sources for exploring as you wish: