There are two fee arrangements for working with Ruth Schimel, PhD.

You can choose from prepaid packets or a pay-as-you-go arrangement. Along the way, you will benefit from access to many free materials and services. Arrangements are easily made for consultations with clients from other areas of the United States and abroad.


Pay as you go is prorated by the hour at $150, paid by check or cash after each meeting.


Prepaid packets of services depend on your choice of options at Services. Timing and size of prepayments will be discussed and agreed on in advance. Depending on progress, the amount of prepayment, and choice of topic, such arrangements tend to be provided at lower total fees. They also relate to the number of meetings it takes for clients to complete their chosen career and life management work.

Packets are listed below.

  • Holistic Career and Life Management

    Includes six meetings ─ 7 hours

  • Career Consulting

    Includes four meetings ─ 5 hours

  • When Your Career Choice Is Certain

    Includes three meetings ─ 3 hours

  • Leadership & Management Effectiveness

    Includes three meetings ─ 3 hours

  • Transcend Blocks to Work Progress

    Includes two meetings ─ 2 hours



  • Initial 30-minute phone conversation about your situation and goals
  • Phone and email exchanges under five minutes
  • Access to choices from menus of hundreds of short, original guides related to your career and skill development, interests, and challenges as well as to other guides Ruth chooses based on your situation
  • Leads on employment and networking opportunities as well as other relevant information during and following our work together (when you keep me informed of your continuing and new interests)
  • Resources page with over ten professional and personal development guides and Blog.