New Book: Happiness And Joy in Work

“Happiness And Joy in Work”



circle with 3 puzzle pieces that say lifelong learning, technology, and soft skills. white circle in the center with the text happiness and joy in work: preparing for your future

Happiness and Joy in Work: Preparing for Your Future by Ruth Schimel PhD is a unique guide for becoming expert about the future of your own work. During these times of dynamic, accelerating change, it is the only book providing customized applications for individual readers.  As you use it, you’ll see how to imagine, express, and connect with what you want and need to do.  

The processes and information in the book show how to integrate your potential, interests, and abilities to form viable strategies and directions that suit you better now and for the future. The holistic design also describes ways to collaborate and engage with others.  For example, this includes work and peer groups, communities, government, business, and nonprofit organizations.

The graphic above reveals how the book’s three themes interrelate to promote your progress as well as happiness and joy in work.  Use:

  • Lifelong Learning to connect goals, interests, and purposes for continuing benefit and meaning
  • Soft Skills to apply the power of transferable, soft skills for effectiveness and success, as you define it, in a variety of situations
  • Technology to anticipate, influence, and participate in current and emerging technological advances

Drawing on a range of topics from the humanities and sciences, Happiness and Joy in Work: Preparing for Your Future widens horizons and choices for work and learning.  Enjoyable ways to expand your skills and abilities include telling stories, coloring images, and sketching. Expect to spark your curiosity and creativity as well as to strengthen your intuition with optimism and realism.  You will also get advice to address personal and professional blocks and difficulties that understandably may generate discomfort, fear, or anxiety, especially during these times of rapid change.

The tools and inspiration throughout the book ease your continuing learning and action.  Links and endnotes deepen understanding, expertise, and knowledge in practical, accessible ways.  Over time, appreciation of your true self leads to further empowerment, engagement, and enjoyment for directing worklife, confidently and successfully.

The book is available for purchase on Amazon now.  For further information and guidance, please contact me for a free, focused conversation.

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