Nine Quick Tips for Releasing Your Inner Powers

Nine Quick Tips for Releasing Your Inner Powers

These tips below will help you release your inner powers to build your bridge of persistence to progress. The positive actions you take will help you reach your goals and improve your quality of life.

Be kind to yourself: More is not always better. Replace driving yourself unremittingly with doing a little at a time, but regularly. Determine and support your natural, productive patterns. As you become comfortable with new or different ways of moving forward, you’ll sustain hope and release your inner powers.

Reward yourself regularly: Give yourself something you enjoy for meeting any goal, however small. When you miss the mark, identify one thing you can do better and follow through.

Address habits that don’t help: Take manageable steps to minimize tendencies that get in your way. Try different approaches. As needed, obtain relevant, practical assistance when you’re not making the progress you want.

Avoid thinking you can’t do it: You won’t be an instant expert, especially when doing something new nor see quick results in complex situations you may influence, but can’t control. Move to another aspect, instead of avoiding the work entirely. Squelch negative thinking with self-talk such as “not useful to dwell on that now” or anything else that works such as jotting down repetitive thoughts to get them out of your mind.

Have faith in your abilities: If you draw an initial blank, just assume what’s useful in your brain is temporarily inaccessible. Move to something else and return in a little while to try again. Keep learning and attending to your intuition about available choices.

Begin right away: Address the first priority of your “to-do” list as soon as possible. Take at least a small step, devoting 15-30 minutes, regularly.

Reach out. All along, identify people who can help you. How will you assist them?

Be patient: Accept that not everything you do will result in an immediate, satisfying outcome nor work out just as you wish. Most worthwhile efforts are not linear; there will be ups, downs, and loops of living. Failure often is a prelude to learning, improved performance, and success as you define it.

Talk Turkey: Be honest with yourself about what you truly want and are willing to do to get it. Schedule your work and set priorities accordingly.

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