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Explore my Author Profile, Sample Interview Questions, and Tip Sheet for general information, as well as inquiries from and conversations with press, radio, TV, and online professionals. The information may also be useful for other inquiries about my “Choose Courage” Book series.

For your information, I am writing the first book of a new series: “Happiness and Joy in Work.” It emphasizes how to prepare for the future of work, including expanding opportunities to develop and use a range of your abilities. Here they include the arts such as coloring, drawing, appreciating music, and storytelling.

Given the range of topics on which I speak, write, consult, and train, you may be interested in exploring pages on workshops and public speaking for other topics of possible interest to you. If you don’t mind my two cents, I think my sense of humor, lively conversation, and good listening skills will contribute to our quality of communication and mutual appreciation. I enjoy seeing and making connections among every day and nontraditional themes and ideas.

I look forward to our exploratory conversation. Feel free to contact me at or 202.659.1772.