Management of Motivation

By Ruth Schimel

Management of Motivation

Some management insights seem to come in trinities,
Certainly easier to remember than all those theories,
with one-size-fits-all uses.

A workplace guru, name of Mager, thought
there are three questions to ask about people’s motivation:
Can they do it?
Do they want to do it?
Do they know how to do it?

Another guru from academe, name of McClelland, noticed
each person has a cascade of motivation in different sequences
such as:
By understanding and honoring unique priorities,
both the person and mission may benefit.

Seems too simple?
Of course.
Anything that neatly explains human motivation
is a potential lie about a complex person,
who has history, secrets and emotions.

But if ideas help someone understand another,
allow a person to appreciate her situation,
what harm is done?
Possibly two people are freed to be.

One to use energy and spirit to do something valued,
instead of resisting, escaping, detouring
or otherwise escaping true destiny.

The other to let go of undue expectations,
avoid hectoring and imposing the *Procrustean bed
of organizational and supervisory “requirements>’

Now, how to do you want to proceed and lead
by encouraging what’s beneficial to everyone?

*Procrustean bed refers to a Greek legend in which an inn-keeper would adjust guests’ heights to fit his bed.

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