Creating and Sustaining Home

By Ruth Schimel

Creating and Sustaining Home

“In his text, the writer sets up house,” says Theodor Adorno,
So smart to notice how words create the tangible.

How can I set up my house?
Even better, make a home?
What does my heart say through the words I choose?

Home expresses who I am, what I cherish
In what is absent, what is present.

I need light and space,
I want quiet and safety.
I seek sensuous shape, color, texture.

All there now,
But too much more.
The piles from past lives,
the mostly useful, when organized, clutter of three jobs.

Clothes of many now past sizes and roles.
Paper of bygone passions.
Collections crying for selection.

This is what happens without attention to theme
Commitment to what’s important
Creating clarity for choices.

What will I let go?
What limiting habits will I nibble away?
How will I reward myself intangibly for sustaining some small steps?

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