Consult About Your Career & Life

Consult with Ruth Schimel PhD to serve your unique interests, nature, and needs, whether you…

Consider yourself in transition

Know your present career situation is no longer a good match or vulnerable

Want to be discerning and intentional about how you live and work, now and later

Anticipate accelerating change will require new views and skills to sustain self-sufficiency and confidence for thriving

Seek improved meaning, purpose, and appreciation in your life and profession

Career & Life Management with Ruth Schimel PhD is a holistic process that will assist you to:

  • Improve satisfaction with your current situation or move beyond it
  • Manage transitions well, aided by clarity about work that you want to do
  • Prepare for accelerating change to support self-sufficiency, confidence, or opportunities by expanding professional range
  • Invigorate and express healthy personal and professional relationships and situations, now and later
  • Bring greater meaning and purpose to how you live and work, over time

The foundation for these opportunities is the personal and professional descriptions and priorities in your own authentic profile for insight and action.  Ruth will guide you through telling that story, simply outlined in your own words.  It will reflect our lively conversations and integration of the themes in handouts you complete.  The content includes subjects and issues that attract you, values, skills, passions, and interests.  Attention is also paid to the people with whom you want to work, work arrangements you seek, and how you proceed or processes you use in range of situations.

The description of work you want developed from your profile leads to search strategies that clarify and expand your possibilities and vision for the longer-term. Other information from the handouts and discussion identify issues and opportunities in relationships, another crucial aspect of quality of life.  In the profile, there is also a section on tensions, interpreted not as blocks or frustrations, but opportunities to find the ands, not ors, in life.  For example, one provided guide helps you determine ways to be both independent and secure.

Choose between these two main processes for consulting with Ruth:

1. Focus on your work primarily ─ Career option
2. Focus on your work in the context of your current and future life design ─ Career and life management option

Explore these five additional choices for consulting with Ruth:

  • Find or create specific work you already have in mind
  • Express, plan, and start up new purpose(s) for your second half of life
  • Improve leadership and management effectiveness (see skill development page link for other abilities, skills, and topics)
  • Address significant internal and external matters that keep you from the professional progress you want
  • Explore becoming a career consultant or adding related content to your professional repertoire

1. Career option

Start up: First we clarify your hopes and ideas, concerns, and experience with productive, lively conversation.  Ruth then shows you how to use original, proven guides to generate a range of inspiring information about yourself.  They include your preferences about values, subjects, and issues.  Also identified are your transferable (soft) skills, preferred colleagues, and other connections, as well as work situations that interest you.

How: Ruth shows you how to integrate the information from your responses in the handouts into a description of work you want to do.  That leads to testing the description against internal and external realities and possibilities.  In the process, we may decide to go deeper and wider with your thoughts, emotions, and assumptions.

The resulting clarity supports the effectiveness of your outreach for potential opportunities and to your current and new contacts.  During all these steps, Ruth provides continuing guidance, including access to related handouts, leads, and information.  Empathetic, concrete feedback is provided throughout the process.

Why: This inside-out approach starts where you have more control and choice: within yourself.  It avoids narrowing yourself with conventional testing and possibly dated, static job titles.  Also avoided is cramming your assumptions and focus first into just what’s “out there” or familiar.  As a result, you’ll transcend unnecessary detours, distractions, and disappointments such as:

  • taking whatever comes your way (unless necessary for short-term self-sufficiency)
  • focusing on and settling only for what’s comfortably familiar
  • following uncritically advice by well-meaning people whose suggestions are based primarily on their experiences and assumptions

Timing, motivation, and results:  This process of six to seven meetings over two to three months with your interim work and Ruth’s continuing guidance has concrete results.  You’ll have tools, encouragement, discernment, and experience to appreciate your strengths.  Enjoying authentically describing what you want to do and how to get it provides firm motivation for action.  Among the other benefits from this practice and process are effective self-management and confidence to deal with accelerating change.  As a result, you will be prepared to deal independently with shifting circumstances and opportunities in the future.

Timing can be adjusted.  You’ll pay the hourly fee by check or other means at the completion of each meeting.  The wide range of supporting materials is free.

This career consulting process is flexible, contingent on your needs, timing, and goals.  Most meetings with clients in the District of Columbia area, throughout the US, and abroad are by phone and online with some email.

Takeaways from Career Option

When you complete your work with Ruth, you’ll be able to:

  • Describe work you want to do based on current credibility, professional development plans, and visions for your future
  • Use effective strategies to deal with internal and external obstacles to progress
  • Cultivate and expand current and new professional relationships
  • Apply experience from practice presenting yourself confidently, distinctively, and effectively, including interviewing
  • Write well-focused, powerful resumes as well as create other means to believably and impressively show others how you bridge your past and future
  • Prepare for continuing accelerating change to support success, as you define it

2. Career and Life Management option

Benefits and Differences in Career and Life Management Option 

Overview: In addition to the Takeaways from the Career option described above, this wider focus provides a Profile related to your entire life.  During our creative, productive conversations, Ruth goes over the clear, step-by-step handout to guide you in creating your profile.  Examples and concrete feedback on your profile draft are provided.

The short descriptions and actions as well as the priorities (must have, like to have, and nice to have) in your profile provide direction for most of your life.  This holistic, personal, and professional map captures your authentic self for choosing and improving work and relationships.  Once created, you can update your profile independently into the future.

Profile content, purpose, and outcome:  In your own words, the profile is a series of specific descriptive action lines that clarify your personal and professional priorities.  Taken from the themes in your responses to the handouts and our conversations, it also reflects your insights and inspires effective choices and actions on a continuing basis.  The profile essentially tells your dynamic story concretely, holistically, and authentically for the present and future.

Specific content includes subjects and issues that interest you as well as values, skills, passions, and interests.  Attention is also paid to preferred colleagues and stakeholders, work arrangements, and how you will accomplish your goals. The experience of creating your profile strengthens your appreciation of and clarity about your full self, who you are, and what you want in your life.

Ruth will show you how to convert the content of your profile into your description of work you want to do. That leads to relevant search strategies that focus and expand your possibilities and vision for the foreseeable future.  Other information from handouts and discussion identifies issues and opportunities in relationships, such a crucial aspect of your quality of life.

This inside-out process helps you avoid just accepting any familiar work opportunities and relationships that come your way and the well-meaning advice of others.   For relationships, the profile is a reality test about what you want them to be.  Your profile describes your own contributions as well a what relationships mean now and could be for you.

The final section in the profile are several lines describing your tensions.  They are interpreted not as blocks or frustrations, but opportunities to find the ands, not ors, in life.  The separate one-page guide shows how to use tensions to enrich your life (e.g. ways to be both independent and secure).

As you know, both work and relationships are influenced and sometimes overtaken by accelerating change, internal as well as external.  This independently renewable profile creation process is deeper and wider than focus on career alone.  The experience supports your courage for realizing your true capacities and relationships.  It is your guide for continuing to act confidently and effectively to benefit yourself and others over time.

Timing and costs: The Career and Life Management option usually takes eight to ten meetings.  Together with your interim work between meetings expect about three months to complete it.  Depending on your needs, goals, and working style, timing could be adjusted.

You’ll pay the hourly fee by check or other means at the completion of each meeting.  The wide range of supporting materials for this process is free. To review fees, please visit:

Explore below five additional professional development opportunities. Any of these processes can be adapted to your timing, interests, and needs.

Find or create specific work you already have in mind

Using this process benefits from about three to four meetings with Ruth and your interim activities.

Expect to:

  • Explore and confirm accessibility and viability of your current ideas for work with Ruth, together using common sense evaluation, critical thinking, handouts, research, and focused conversations.
  • Identify your current skills, abilities, and experience, especially what credibly supports your idea.  Choose related learning, training, and experiential needs for follow up.
  • Design a viable plan for action with specific steps and attention to how you will bring your idea to fruition. This includes testing your idea in action through receptivity of others and possible situations, gathering resources, and engaging collaborators and contacts to help you succeed.

Express, plan, and start up new purpose(s) for your second half of life

You can be the author of the next worthwhile, stimulating, and viable chapters for your decades ahead. Work with Ruth to turn aspirations and visions into plans and actions.  Identify current opportunities for integration in activities and incremental steps over time.  Whether you want to consider planning for post-retirement or avoid that concept entirely, Ruth guides you in activating a new portfolio with as many leaves as you want.

In addition to creative, productive conversations and explorations with you, Ruth provides access to a wide range of materials to spark your curiosity beyond initial ideas and inspirations.  One example is a design grid with over 30 options to consider.  The two-page grid includes a portfolio of work, play, learning and volunteering.  Other aspects suggest starting a business in various forms.  There are also timing options provided in the grid design.

Start your future adventure now.  At least first steps can make the present more acceptable or engaging.  At best the exploration and journey will lead you to new opportunities and vitality, now and later.

Depending on what emerges, the process can benefit from three to six meetings with enough time between each for doing your interim work without losing momentum.

Improve leadership and management effectiveness

(See skill development page link for other abilities, skills, and topics)

Regardless of your current level of education and work, Ruth helps you identify how to expand, strengthen, and deepen your management and leadership skills and abilities with the two steps below. This process usually benefits from four to five meetings for describing your situation for skill use, defining action planning strategies, practicing in actual situations, soliciting feedback, and making concrete, incremental progress.

Together, we use critical thinking, common sense, our fertile imaginations, and experience to:

  • Interpret the results of the completed handout of your self-assessment of leadership and management skills and abilities.  That leads to appreciating your strengths and identifying aspects for attention and improvement.  Results include specific action steps based on Ruth’s guidance, free related handouts, and agreed upon benchmarks.
  • Test the plan, process, and progress through practice in actual situations and feedback. To strengthen the process, supporting and detracting tendencies are identified for strategic follow through.  Using Ruth’s guidance, leads and suggestions for action steps stimulate and sustain progress. Other experts, contacts, and opportunities are also identified and engaged for possible mutual mentoring to sustain growth and success, as you define it, over time.

Address significant internal and external matters that keep you from the professional progress you want

This process usually benefits from four to six meetings that include these five steps, goals, and results:

  • Identify a few significant issues and problems where ameliorating or solving them will multiply benefits for your goals and aspirations.
  • Describe, analyze, and develop problem solving strategies, within your chosen time frame.
  • Discuss and choose specific, viable steps to address problems and issues.
  • Experiment with guidance and skills practice; evaluate experience, supported by free materials and feedback.
  • With Ruth’s continuing guidance, test and fine-tune plan through regular, small steps.  Include commitment on your updated plan for later independent actions and possible partnerships with others for continuing progress.

Explore becoming a career consultant or adding related content to your professional repertoire

After you have the experience of using the career consulting process, you may be inspired to guide others in applying this inside-out, proven approach, or aspects of it.  Since it transcends  silos of tests and job titles, you will have seen its special relevance to the future of work as well.  That unpredictable dynamism is best addressed by starting with each person’s uniqueness as a foundation for action instead of merely projecting what’s familiar into the unknown future.

For context and content, explore Ruth’s seventh book: Happiness and Joy in Work: Preparing for Your Future.  See her other books related to her dissertation on how people discover and express their capacity for courage and skill development handbooks, also at the link.  All provide resources for your exploration, use, and progress.

At no cost, feel free to discuss with Ruth your interest and ideas for doing career consulting,  regardless of related education, experience, and credentials.  This is also an apt process for counselors, psychologists, chaplains, spiritual counselors, priests, ministers, rabbis, imans, professors, teachers, and anyone else interested in making a positive difference in others’ lives.


Once you choose the services you want from the options above or other versions and possibilities that make sense to you, we can agree on effective phone, online, and email arrangements.  Do call me to discuss possibilities and timing at 202.659.1772.