Career & Life Management

Career & Life Management with Ruth Schimel, PhD is designed for you, whether you:

Anticipate accelerating change will affect your self-sufficiency, confidence, or contentment

Want to be intentional about how you live now and later

Know your present situation is not a good match or vulnerable

Search for greater meaning, purpose, and appreciation in your life and work

Are in transition

I offer you the certainty of your own map for personal and professional progress.

It is based on your unique responses to handouts for determining values, transferable skills, passions, interests, and priorities. This action-oriented passport is a profile that you can update independently as your needs, interests, and ambitions evolve. Using a range of free, short guides, and our focused conversations, you’ll have the tools, experience, and inspiration to continue doing well on your own terms during these times of dynamic change.

Starting with yourself first as the cornerstone for choices and actions helps avoid just reacting to familiar opportunities that come your way and the well-meaning advice of others. Then you’ll have a firm foundation for securing a good match between who you are, what you do, and how you live. The process and experience will support your courage to continue acting independently to benefit yourself and others over time.

Arrangements are easily made for consultations with clients from other areas of the United States and abroad.

Consulting with Ruth is a holistic process that encourages and supports balance and dynamism in your life and work. The process usually benefits from seven to nine meetings to create your profile, describe your ambitions for work and life, and specify actions and results to support the success you want.

You’ll be able to:

  • Integrate your responses from handouts to create your unique profile in your own words
  • Expand possibilities beyond sound bites of titles and silos using this inside-out process related to your entire life, now and later
  • Convert information in your profile to describe work you want to do, with whom, where, how, and why
  • Make choices and take action for continuous life improvement

Progress to the work and life you want as you:

  • Transcend blocks
  • Clarify and generate necessary knowledge, insight, and experience
  • Cultivate relationships, connections, and colleagues
  • Present yourself confidently and effectively, including interviewing
  • Write resumes and other materials that credibly and powerfully bridge your past and future
  • Choose strategies for improving your life and work as you deal with natural dynamism in your situation and accelerating change as well as take additional steps to support success as you define it