Collaborative Consultations

What:  Let’s collaborate to serve the needs and goals related to your situation.  Online and by phone we can design tailored, productive processes that encourage effective action.  To address a range of issues and opportunities, participants would include formal and informal leaders.  Groups of 5-8 people are typical, though arrangements for fewer participants and individuals are possible.  In the process, supported priorities include stimulating curiosity and creativity as well as building trust. Humor and storytelling are options to elicit insight, energy, and originality.

How: Focused conversation about your situation includes goals and values, challenges and growth.   Aided by relevant choices among over 250 free guides and other original materials, continuing communication occurs during and after collaborative consultation.  Clarity and commitment to meeting mutual expectations and positive outcomes are encouraged.

Also supporting the success of the process is attention to static comfort zones and possible resistance, including opportunities through unlearning.  Other reinforcing choices are mutual mentoring, each-one-teach-one, and accountability partnering.

Resources:  In addition to Ruth’s free, short guides, her six books for professional and personal growth are available in her Choose Courage series on Amazon for low costs at    For samples of guides, see

Available early 2021, Ruth’s seventh book provides singular tools and inspiration for individuals to prepare for accelerating change in their current work situation and beyond.  Through its focus on lifelong learning, technology, and soft skills, it makes the future of work more fathomable, accessible, and inspiring for individual, group, and organization action and progress.  Get the bonus chapter and additional information about Happiness and Joy in Work: Preparing for Your Future here.

As you’ll note in About Ruth and the testimonials throughout this site, her clients represent a variety of cultures, ages, interests, and educational backgrounds.  That experience also strengthens her effective communication, rapport, and empathy online and in phone conversations with individuals, teams, and groups.

To explore possible applications for your situation, call Ruth at 202.659.1772 or email to discuss design and value.  Do that now or after your curiosity is whet further by considering the following practical, engaging topics for online and phone consultations.


In addition to your ideas and combinations of the following topics for thriving at work, the following is a selection of themes to consider now and later.  For additional topics for growth, meaning, and success in work, see examples on the Skill Development page.


  • Effective listening for building teams and trust
  • Converting existing conflict to a positive catalyst for problem solving
  • Stimulating your own and others’ originality with humor and storytelling
  • Infusing charm, care, and courage in interpersonal skill use and relationships
  • Creating a practical, productive performance evaluation process that stimulates participants and effective outcomes for current and future growth


  • Creating worthwhile collaborations, especially where work and play reinforce one another
  • Refurbishing content from silos and specializations in creative, current ways
  • Encouraging happiness and joy in work
  • Using professional purpose and personal vision to activate confidence and commitment
  • Addressing what keeps individuals and groups stuck in unproductive, unsatisfying patterns, rituals, and habits


  • Making productivity and innovation bloom from varied values, experience, and cultural backgrounds
  • Understanding one’s own culture to improve communication within it and between representatives of other cultures
  • Finding what it takes to move beyond barriers to mutual understanding and appreciation

BECOMING A CAREER CONSULTANT (or integrating aspects into your current work)

Expanding career development repertoires of helping professionals* for themselves and their clients (See also the opportunity related to becoming a career consultant below.)

(*psychologists, psychotherapists, counselors, human resource professionals, social workers, ministers, life coaches, community and nonprofit professionals, for example)

Explore and experience with Ruth her original career consulting processes focused on career as well as career and life management.  For an overview, see and

Regardless of your credentials and experience, let’s discuss the possibilities, processes, and opportunities for becoming a career consultant or other choices for integrating aspects in what you currently do.  Call Ruth at 202.659.1772.  Alternatively, email her about your interests in career consulting processes at

Costs and arrangements for Collaborative Consultations 

Costs related to the range of topics and opportunities above, as well as other approaches chosen together, will reflect design, preparation, group size, online process, and materials.  Additional considerations include length of consultations, goals, participant readiness, and related matters. I look forward to our conversation about your interests and needs and our creative collaboration for an approach especially tailored to your situation.

Whether or not we create a collaborative consultation process, you may benefit from exploring the following sources to use for yourself and with others for continuing progress: “Choose Courage” book, the Choose Courage handbook series, and Happiness and Joy in Work: Preparing for Your Future at  See the bonus chapter there as well.  In addition, Ruth will be happy to share a few focused guides related to your concerns.

Below are examples of Ruth’s experience related to workshops, speaking, training, and facilitation.

While a diplomat, Ruth managed, provided, and designed workshops among other aspects of her work as Chief, Executive Development at the State Department for three years. Over several decades, she has led and managed The Schimel Lode, in honor of her parents’ values. An interdisciplinary approach, it promotes innovation and collaboration for the public good in the DC area.

Other experience includes:

  • Society for Human Resource Management (DC SHRM)
  • Washington Network Group
  • Temple Micah
  • Cornell Club DC
  • The Association for Women in Communications, Washington DC Chapter
  • District of Columbia Metropolitan Area Dietetic Association
  • Cornell Entrepreneur Network
  • Washington Independent Writers
  • Forty Plus
  • 9th and 10th Annual Public-Private Partnership Conference (Sponsored by DC Government)
  • Greater Washington Women’s Network
  • American Association of University Women
  • Association of Haitian Professionals
  • DC Web Women
  • Women’s Bar Association
  • Society for Technical Communication
  • Inova Health System
  • Unitarian Universalist Church

Let’s explore possibilities and opportunities, discuss your goals, or start planning your group’s event.