Topics for Talks on Professional Growth & Personal Growth

Customized Talks Will Engage & Educate Your Group

As a public speaker, I work with existing groups and can customize both professional growth and personal growth topics to address your organization’s specific needs. If your members would benefit from learning proven career and life management practices or benefit from an engaging approach to professional growth, give me a call.

Group of colleagues at a seminar

I often speak about professional growth and the connections with personal growth using topics like the examples listed below. I’ve arranged the topics into general categories to help you quickly find a fit for your group’s needs. I’m also happy to discuss other related topics that interest your participants—what could be more important than keeping them engaged with the potential of their own professional growth?

Professional Growth & Personal Growth Topics

Improve Your Professional Skills

  • Leadership and management skills: Appreciate strengths and encourage improvements
  • Get comfortable with power: Learn how to own and use your power
  • Listen to get what you want: Methods and goals

Learn New Ways to Solve Problems

  • Turn work issues into opportunities: Make improvements, accept constraints, and promote change
  • Beat boredom, burnout, and blockage: Action steps and opportunities
  • Use failure to jump start progress
  • Make procrastination work for you
  • Convert stress to strength

Inspire Yourself and Others to New Heights

  • Shape work to fit your situation, needs, interests, and abilities
  • Find your courage: Define courage, see it in your actions, and nurture it in others
  • Motivate yourself and others
  • Make mentoring a two-way street
  • Learn how to use charm and show you care in a range of situations

Improve Your Quality of Life and Work by Avoiding Detours and Distractions

  • Stop searching for elusive happiness and focus on attainable and meaningful goals
  • Create real-life opportunities instead of chasing work-life balance illusions
  • Avoid or foil toxic people
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