Sample Interview Questions

Book Summary—Choose Courage: Step Into the Life You Want

Choose Courage: Step Into the Life You Want unleashes the courage most people have within themselves when they see how to appreciate the power of their own stories. Readers will also receive inspiring, practical guidance on transcending a range of internal limits to their personal and professional progress. Almost anyone can use this book to express their true, best selves in everyday as well as significant situations.

Lively, yet research-based, writing provides 21st century processes to spark and sustain action. Mirroring the messiness of life, Choose Courage is not linear; readers can start wherever they wish and easily adapt material to their unique needs. Ample choices such as action plans, checklists, and guides suit a variety of situations. Along with insights from multiple disciplines, photos, drawings, quotes, and poetry add depth and fun.

Sample Interview Questions for Ruth Schimel PhD

  • Why write this book when there is so much attention already paid to courage?
  • What differentiates Choose Courage from the thousands of self-help and how-to books related to personal and professional development?
  • What’s new about your definition of courage?
  • How did you uncover a practical, useful meaning of courage?
  • How do you know courage is accessible to most people?
  • Give some examples of how the book would help readers who are blocked in reaching their potential (e.g. Lone Rangers, Perfectionists, Conflict Avoiders, Protectors of the Status Quo).
  • Considering the challenges and difficulties in today’s world, how come you’re so optimistic about human capabilities?

Author’s Experience, Credentials, and Interests

Ruth Schimel has inspired thousands of groups and individuals through workshops and classes, conversations and talks, as well as consulting. From Inova Health Care Systems to the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association, she has guided participants in human and organizational development. She taught varied subjects at four universities, including nonprofit management, employment law, human resources, and interpersonal relations.

Since 1983, Ruth has served over 1,000 clients in her career and life management consulting practice using original processes and materials that honor individual differences. In addition to Choose Courage and forthcoming related handbooks, Ruth has written hundreds of short, practical guides for authentic action in personal and professional life. With the Board of The Schimel Lode, she has brought a nontraditional foundation model to life since 1998. Their work focuses on collaboration and innovation for the public good in the Washington, DC area. Ruth is also active in professional and community projects.

Previously a management consultant, she was also a diplomat working in India, Ecuador, Guatemala, and the State Department. Among her assignments were chief of the consular section in Calcutta and the human resource management division in Washington, as well as political, economic, and social analysis related to Latin America and Caribbean regions.

Ruth graduated from Cornell University and received her Master’s and Ph.D. degrees from George Washington University. Dissertation research on how people discover their capacity for courage provided a basis for: Choose Courage: Step Into the Life You Want.

As you may already sense, Ruth embraces and integrates the richness of multiple perspectives. To encourage people to realize their true capacities and appreciate their complexity, she believes transcending silos of subjects is a key. Ruth’s interests therefore range from philosophy and psychology to biology and the arts.

Ruth’s 21st-century definition of courage: Courage is a process of becoming that involves the willingness to realize your true capacities by going through discomfort, fear, anxiety, and suffering and taking wholehearted, responsible action.

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