Free Resources on Career & Life Management

How to Use These Free Resources

Depending on your interests and needs, finding information that’s immediately useful and relevant to your situation among the thousands of available sources can be a challenge.  To avoid wading through endless choices, explore the list of short guides provided as free resources on this site. They are samples of hundreds I’ve been writing and refining for clients and other readers during my professional life. I hope you find them beneficial and worth your time.

The free guides are my best effort to provide information and suggestions in digestible, feasible form for your effective use and benefit. By all means, use your good judgment, intelligence, and intuition to make the most of your experience with them. There is no guarantee of accuracy, completeness, or fitness for a particular purpose. These resources do not constitute psychological or medical advice.

I’d appreciate your suggestions for improving the guides and this resource section as well as ideas for other subjects you’d find useful.  Just e-mail me at

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