Professional Development Workshops for Groups

Professional Development Workshops with an Experienced Career & Life Management Consultant

Professionals particpating in a career management consultantIf your group would benefit from career or life management guidance, it’s time to bring in an expert. I work with different groups to educate members and provide up-to-date information on professional development—and I deliver the message with energy and humor. My workshop designs include preparation and follow-up work to help participants make the most of their experience.

Customized Professional Development Workshops for Your Group

I will customize each experiential workshop for your group’s needs and special circumstances. Workshops optimally include 5–15 participants. Size, circumstances, and needs will dictate costs and logistics. Contact me to explore the potential topics below, additional topics of interest to your group, or to start planning your group’s event today.

Enhance Your Leadership & Management Skills Workshop

Become a more effective leader and manager by participating in this hands-on workshop. The process starts with an individual self-assessment of your own management and leadership strengths and capacities.

During the workshop, we’ll analyze real-world situations and identify important issues, opportunities, and goals as a group. You’ll be able to practice meeting particular challenges and then get feedback from the group. Participants will also receive tools, guidance, and encouragement to increase confidence and improve performance at work.

Workshop Takeaways

  1. Refined self-assessment to guide your next steps.
  2. Tools and strategies to improve leadership and management skills based on your self-assessment and group work.
  3. Individual and collaborative leadership and management development plans to support follow-through action and achieve goals.

Collaborate Across Professional Specializations & Organizational Silos Workshop

A team collaborating across professional specializationsInterdisciplinary collaboration can strengthen the outcome of projects both large and small. This workshop will help you transcend personal and organizational turf issues around subjects, products, projects, skills, and styles of work. Don’t settle for the constraints of habitual boundaries when you can address conflicts more productively.

Experience the power of effective listening and trust building as you clarify goals, create action plans, and outline tangible and intangible incentives that will promote collaboration. You will practice turning walls into bridges by learning from one another and identifying the opportunities that are often obscured by silos of specialization.

Workshop Takeaways

  1. Identify opportunities for, and examples and benefits of, successful collaboration.
  2. Assess barriers to collaboration in a variety of situations and develop a plan to minimize them.
  3. Clarify group goals and point out potential connections and conflicts.
  4. Develop a plan to learn from one another and build on the group’s strengths.
  5. Design a collaborative situation, and outline action steps and assessment processes to achieve agreed-upon goals.
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