Career Design for Your Clients—A Workshop for Helping Professionals

Learn How to Help Your Clients Make the Most of Their Careers

Working with other helping professionals is always a pleasure. To honor what we offer one another, I customize each experiential workshop for your group’s needs and special circumstances. Workshops optimally include 5–15 participants. Size, circumstances, and your group’s needs will dictate costs and logistics. Contact me to explore your options, discuss a related topic, or start planning your group’s event today.

Career Design for Your Clients: A Workshop for Helping Professionals

Couple with a marriage counselorSupporting individual healing and growth becomes easier when clients have an authentic vision for work that matches their capacities and passions. Learn how to help your clients design meaningful careers, develop new opportunities, and create a better future.

This is an excellent workshop for psychologists, social workers, therapists, community and nonprofit professionals, and other helping professionals who specialize in supporting client development.

This workshop focuses on meeting the needs and interests of helping professionals who want to learn how to use career design and development skills to help clients succeed. We will collaboratively explore how career design builds on participants’ goals, expertise, and experience as we explore traditional and innovative career management approaches.

Workshop Takeaways

  1. Learn how to integrate career design principles with your expertise as a helping professional.
  2. Identify essential components of the career design process that you can use with clients.
  3. Develop practical approaches to helping clients access and express their courage when working toward career-related goals.

I encourage workshop participants to continue learning about career development and design together and support collaboration on future projects. If your group wants to continue learning and practicing together, let’s explore how I can help you succeed.

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