Career Workshops for Groups

Career Workshops Encourage Professional Development

four-people-smiling-and-listeningExperiential career workshops are perfect for existing groups within an organization or in the community. Participants will learn how to apply career management principles to achieve goals at work, take their career skills to the next level, or find a new job. They will also enjoy my hands-on style, high-energy presentation, and approach to applied learning. Whether your group consists of working professionals or job seekers, my workshops show participants how to move toward their career goals.

I’m happy to discuss your ideas for a specific workshop or process. Below are 3 examples of workshops I can adapt to your interests and needs.

Access & Express Your Courage: Career Workshop

Everyone talks about courage, but where will you find specific guidance on how to access your own courage? Start here. You’ll learn how to uncover your capacity for courage in everyday situations and reap the benefits in your career and in your life.

Courage can be a catalyst for developing leadership capacity and improving managerial success. This workshop helps participants identify and express courage based on their own stories and uses an original, proven definition of courage that inspires action.

Workshop Takeaways

  1. Learn how to apply a new definition of courage.
  2. Identify ways to use courage in your career to inspire yourself and others.
  3. Use stories from the group to reveal each participant’s capacity for courage and explore ways to help other people recognize their own courage.
  4. Create a personal action plan or a collaborative action plan.

My doctoral research revealed many of the ways that people uncover their capacity for courage. I continue to build on those insights to inform my career and life management consulting practice and create solid foundations for individual, group, and organizational progress.

Make Effective Transitions at Work: Career Workshop

Woman walking down the stairs with a boxWork transitions happen. Participants will learn how to create and move through transitions that will advance their careers. They’ll also discover how to be vibrant and successful while making productive contributions in times of uncertainty and change. During the workshop, participants will explore resource materials, try out new learning experiences, and receive feedback. They’ll get ready to take action and be prepared to deal with contingencies in actual situations.

Workshop Takeaways

  1. Clarify strategies and practices that work well now in participants’ careers, and identify opportunities for moving beyond what doesn’t work.
  2. Explore and describe a new vision for future work.
  3. Define barriers to progress and explore ways to transcend them.
  4. Learn how to test new approaches, gather relevant information, and connect with appropriate contacts.
  5. Create an action plan and identify other collaborators who will support follow-through.

Dress to Suit Your Nature, Needs & Goals: Career Workshop

Experts note that we form opinions within 4 seconds of meeting another person. To support your career goals you need to make the best impression, be aware of your appearance, and consider how other people may interpret and react to the different ways you present yourself.

In this workshop, you’ll explore how to identify the naturally appealing aspects of your appearance and enhance them with clothing choices, makeup, hair design, styling, and accessories—all while making smart shopping choices. Honoring your body type and making the most of your resources will help you present yourself effectively. Participants will address what it takes to make a change by working together to define their needs, resources, and obstacles to progress in a supportive environment.

Workshop Takeaways

  1. Understand how to use different styles to flatter different body types.
  2. Define your needs, resources, and barriers to progress.
  3. Hone your sensitive feedback skills with other participants.
  4. Identify principles of smart shopping for fit and fashion.
  5. Discover where to find tips on finishing your look practically and expertly with makeup, hair design, accessories, and styling.
  6. Create an action plan.
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