Career Management Consulting

How Fulfilling & Secure Is Your Career?

If it’s time for a change, career help from a professional can make all the difference between finding fulfilling, meaningful work and searching for another job. I’m passionate about my role as a career management consultant—and after working with more than 1,000 clients, I’m also confident that my process serves many different types of people effectively. If you’d like to see what others have to say, explore my client success stories too.

Time for Change

Learn What Career Management Consulting Will Do for You

Controlling costs and maximizing benefits are two great reasons for a well-defined structure that spreads meetings out over time. To keep your costs manageable, I charge hourly and you pay when we meet. Each meeting generally lasts 1 hour, and meetings are spread out over several weeks. This structure also gives you time for reflection, follow-up work on your own, and taking action while we are working together.

Career Management Consulting

4–6 Meetings

We begin with conversations and exercises to help you describe and integrate relevant interests, information, life experiences, and current skills. As we go through the process, you’ll learn how to think differently about your transferable skills and identify work situations that will be a good fit for your future.

I provide guidance, resources, reality checks, and encouragement throughout the process so that you can meet your goals. We could be a great fit if you are ready to:

  • start planning what’s next while still bringing in the money and resources you need now
  • become courageous in the face of career uncertainty and get ready to move forward
  • expand and deepen your professional connections, skills, and abilities
  • write more effective resumes that bridge your past and future
  • create cover letters that stand out
  • improve your interviewing techniques
  • present yourself successfully in a variety of situations
  • differentiate yourself with ideas, information, and memorable stories that relate to what you want to do
  • find career help that you can trust and that includes a range of customized methods and materials

Our short-term work together will set you on a path to long-term success and self-sufficiency.

Additional Topics for Career Management Consulting

If you’d like additional or specific guidance, we can also work together when you need to:

  • Clarify, manage, and solve work-related problems.
  • Enhance particular professional skills and abilities—especially leadership and management.
  • Present yourself successfully, authentically, and appropriately by developing a personal style that suits your present career circumstances and your future goals.
  • Explore your long-term vision, express your legacy in the here and now, make more-meaningful choices for yourself, and decide how to give back to others.

Career Management Consulting for Dual-Career Couples

dual-career-coupleMoving forward together can often get you farther than striking out on your own. If you both need new career directions, I’m happy to work with you individually and as a couple.

When partners or spouses are in transition or seeking a new direction, it’s important to take individual and shared interests into account during the career and life management process. We’ll meet and work together both individually and collaboratively to:

  • clarify your individual career directions and options,
  • assess career choices that work for you both,
  • explore the benefits and trade-offs of living and working in particular locations, and
  • create a win-win vision for your future together.
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