Career & Life Management Consulting

Holistic Consulting Services

smiling-computer-ladyAs you prepare to modify or change your career, it’s a great time to bring your life into alignment as well. My career and life management consulting services offer you the perfect opportunity to improve your quality of life and work. You’ll also benefit from my original research on being courageous in daily life and how accessing your innate capacity for courage can give you the inspiration and energy to achieve your goals.

Even though many of us separate our work and leisure pursuits, we are whole human beings. That’s why we build on the career-related skills and behaviors you will develop in our career management consulting meetings—those skills transfer beautifully to the rest of your life. When you get serious about transferring these successful skills and behaviors, the results can be truly life-altering.

Career & Life Management Consulting

Create Your Focus, See Your Whole Self & Take Action

6–10 Meetings

Step 1 Learn how to create a career and life management profile that brings together your values, transferable skills, passions, and interests in your own words. Using answers from completed worksheets and our conversations, your profile will capture your whole self in a positive way. Your career and life management profile also forms a foundation for describing:

  • what you want to do,
  • where you want to do it,
  • who you’d like to do it with, and
  • the lifestyle you want to achieve.

You’ll also be able to use your profile to help set priorities, solve problems, and determine if a new situation would be a good fit for your goals. As you move forward on your own in the future, you’ll be able to update your dynamic profile description and use it to guide your progress and gauge the results.

Step 2 Start using your profile to identify what you want to do and how you want to accomplish your goals—now and in the future. We will creatively combine written work and diagrams to help clarify key issues and inspire you to keep moving forward.

Step 3 Based on your profile, I will guide you towards fulfilling work that gives you what you want as you:

  • build professional and personal relationships that support your job search and your progress towards career and life goals
  • improve the skills and abilities you need to move ahead
  • identify, understand, and find potential employment that meets your needs
  • present yourself effectively in writing and in person by crafting resumes that bridge your past and future, improving your interview performance, and writing attention-grabbing cover letters
  • tell your story in evocative ways and let people know how you will meet their needs

Step 4 Set personal goals based on the priorities that you identified in your profile.

Throughout the process, you’ll benefit from my guidance and take advantage of a wide array of materials related to your interests. I believe in setting realistic expectations so that you know what to expect from our work together—you can also learn from success stories my clients have shared.

Additional Topics for Career & Life Management Consulting

Our work can be more wide-ranging if you’d like to explore:

  • Clarifying, managing, and solving problems at work or in your personal life.
  • Enhancing your professional leadership and management skills and abilities.
  • Presenting yourself successfully, authentically, and appropriately as you develop a personal style that fits you.
  • Exploring your long-term vision, developing your legacy, making more meaningful life and work choices, and discovering ways to give back to your family, your community, or society at large.

Career & Life Management Consulting for Dual-Career Couples

Partners enjoying coffee and discussing their professional optionsMoving forward together can be unnerving for one or both members of a couple. If you and your spouse or partner want to explore new career directions, working on your profiles and plan both individually and as a couple can be a very productive approach.

When one or both of you are in transition or seeking a new direction, it’s important to take individual and shared interests into account during the career and life management process. We’ll meet and work together both individually and collaboratively to:

  • clarify your individual career directions and options,
  • assess available career and life management options that you can work on as a couple,
  • explore the benefits and trade-offs of living and working in particular locations, and
  • create a win-win vision for your future together.
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