What to Expect from My Career & Life Management Consulting

When I Am Your Career & Life Management Consultant

We will start with a conversation to get to know each other. It’s important that I be a good fit for your career and life management consulting needs if we are going to work productively together. It’s also important that we get along, that you trust my guidance, and that you’re willing to take reasonable risks to achieve your goals.



My Approach to Career & Life Management Consulting

I take on a number of roles in our work together—it all depends on what you need at the time. My groundbreaking doctoral research on courage and revealing the capacity for courage in day-to-day life shapes my practice and helps my clients reach their career goals. You’ll benefit from my personalized, innovative approach and identify many opportunities to take action and reach your goals.

I am your:

Teacher and coach

It’s time for you to build on your strengths and pursue what matters most. You’ll have my experience, insight, and guidance at every step, and you can count on me for encouragement.

Agent of reality

It’s my task to keep you on track. If you start down a path that conflicts with your interests and goals, I’ll gently steer you back.

Respectful guide

Our work together is personal, even when it’s firmly focused on your professional career. I will honor how deeply and quickly you want to go.


You will be heard. I listen carefully to what you want and need, then show you how to stay focused and organized on the path to greater self-sufficiency.

Information provider

You’ll benefit from my proven approach to using articles and resources to speed your learning, and I’ll share targeted leads to move your work search forward.

Fellow sleuth

Transitions can be tricky. Together we’ll promote your progress by addressing ambiguity, current obstacles, and frustrations that arise along the way.

Accessible partner

You deserve my compassion and understanding. I’ve learned many lessons from other clients as well as from my own detours, mistakes, and accomplishments.

Source of good judgment and common sense

Everyone benefits from a trusted sounding board. I bring a wide range of experience and knowledge, well-honed critical thinking skills, and a high degree of self-awareness to our work together.

All of my roles help me appreciate your value and uniqueness. I’ve guided over 1,000 people through the career and life management process, and that work has helped me to keep learning, growing, and giving back to my clients. I look forward to being a partner in your progress.

Please note: I do not communicate with clients via text messages; I prefer emails or phone calls.

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