More than a Career Counselor

Why I Chose to Be a Career & Life Management Consultant

A career counselor generally provides guidance on career-related matters while focusing on aptitudes, interests, values, and skills. Career counselors often rely on personality tests and other types of tests.

Door opening to opportunity.

In my career and life management consulting practice, I often work with clients to transcend current barriers, resolve issues that block action, meet goals, and strengthen their capacity for expressing their courage. I do not rely on tests; instead we mine results from your responses to my original handouts. I focus on promoting practical action that supports your immediate and long-term needs as well as your self-sufficiency.

I Am Not a Career Counselor or Coach

People respond well to positive, creative, and realistic views of themselves, and our work together will reflect your unique strengths and rich life experiences. Building on breakthroughs from my doctoral research that speak to how people discover their capacity for courage, I work with clients to acknowledge their authentic selves and higher callings.

Our chemistry will provide a foundation for engagement, commitment, and completion of our work, making trust, mutual respect, and appreciation crucial to our success. In my role as a career and life management consultant, I pride myself on speaking frankly and engaging clients with integrity.

I am careful to respect the boundaries between what I and other professionals do. Some of my clients also choose to work with counselors, therapists, and other qualified helping professionals.  As a career and life management consultant, rather than a career counselor or career coach, I’m an active partner in your learning and growth. My job well done leads you to ultimately “fire” me after a finite period of time so that you can continue to learn and grow independently.

How We Work Together

digital-cloudWhen exploring and determining new career directions, my clients appreciate that the process is:

Conversational. I listen, provide guidance, and offer insights.

Authentic. Using your own words, you create a meaningful, pleasurable, self-sustaining path for the present and into the future.

Focused. You define the scope (career management or career and life management), and together we explore ways for you to build on your unique capacities and reach your goals.

Finite. After a limited number of meetings, you will be ready to continue on your own.

Empowering. After you learn how to synthesize information and insights about your present and future, you can circle back and repeat the process on your own whenever the need arises.

Stimulating, productive, and often fun! (in the words of my clients)

Other Types of Career Professionals

Choosing between all the different types of professionals who work with clients to improve their lives and careers can feel overwhelming. But it’s essential to choose a professional who’s a good fit for you. Here are some quick definitions:

  • A coach trains and teaches clients how to develop beyond where they are and to where they want to be.
  • A headhunter finds suitable candidates for a specific job opening. Headhunters are paid by the prospective employer.
  • Therapists, social workers, and psychologists address a client’s mental and emotional issues or disorders. Their work often focuses on past experiences.

My Similarities & Differences with Other Career Professionals

I am not a therapist, social worker, or psychologist. And though I teach clients how to achieve their goals and be more self-sufficient, I am not a certified coach. I don’t rely on categories from personality tests that are popular with career counselors. I have organizational development (OD) experience and often provide other performance improvement consulting to groups and organizations, yet I am not an OD practitioner. I revel in connecting clients and companies for their mutual benefit, but I am not a headhunter or placement counselor.

I am a career and life management consultant, working in partnership with my clients to create what’s next.

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