Becoming More Courageous in Your Daily Life


What Is Courage?

You have the capacity for courage within you already. Courage is not an isolated act or a characteristic that only some people have.

Think of courage as a process of becoming, a process of developing and expressing your strengths over time. As you consider the definition below, you’ll probably recall how your own capacity for courage emerged when you dealt with challenging situations.

Becoming courageous is a process that involves the willingness to realize your true capacities by going through fear, anxiety, or suffering and taking wholehearted, responsible action.

This definition is based on original research for my doctoral degree. When you remove the mystery from courage, it opens paths to your full potential.

In my work with you, I’ll help you express your courage. You’ll hear it in your stories, past and present. Rather than cause alarm, the small and larger challenges you face will often become the means for reaching your goals. You’ll be expressing who you can and want to be, not changing who you truly are.

Why Focus on Your Courage?

Courage is rightly esteemed the first of human qualities … because it is the quality which guarantees all others. ~Winston Churchill

When you cultivate courage, you spark new strengths and better serve existing ones. The process of becoming courageous is a catalyst for sustaining a life with meaning and success, as you define them.

goldfish-jumping-from-one-bowl-to-anotherYour courage is hiding in plain sight. Heart, or the Latin cor, is its center. Heart reflects the rich paradoxes of real life and holds clues for action.

In today’s world, heart is often associated with the capacity for sympathy, compassion, or generosity. People with heart have inner strength. A person considered lovable or loyal is a dear heart. Heartfelt comes from the very center of oneself. Hearty means complete, open, exuberant, unequivocal, and vigorous.

As you begin to access your capacity for courage, consider choosing actions related to:

  • being emotionally vulnerable
  • developing character
  • demonstrating responsibility
  • showing compassion
  • expressing vitality
  • being open
  • moving toward wholeness
  • sustaining inner strength

The importance of courage suffuses the proven career and life management consulting process that I’ve refined over several decades. Our work together maps practical, inspiring ways to navigate your career and life voyages with humor and energy.

As you clarify your purpose, a variety of manageable actions become clear.  Ultimately, your experience and progress through our work together will prepare you to proceed independently for the foreseeable future.

Controlling the world around you is unlikely. But you can influence what happens through your daily choices, both big and small. You’ll have the tools and vision to make sense of situations as they arise and to create the focus you want. Your courage provides a powerful center for action.

Consider working directly with me, all the services I offer can be tailored to your nature and needs.

Please contact me to discuss how I may assist you or to schedule a consultation. I look forward to working with you.

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