Benefits of My Career & Life Management Consulting

Benefits You’ll Enjoy & Results You’ll Appreciate

Fresh Perspective Ahead
There are thousands of career professionals out there to choose from, so you should know more than what to expect from my approach. You should also understand the benefits of my Career and Life Management services because they are central to what my clients appreciate most about working with me.

Personalized Support

  • You’ll have the help you need to create a new personal and professional focus and to follow through effectively.
  • We’ll concentrate on what makes you unique and how you can present yourself clearly, authentically, and powerfully.
  • We will not use personality tests or similar one-size-fits-all assessments.
  • I’ll keep looking out for useful information and leads for you even after we complete our work.
  • I appreciate cultural differences, have lived and worked abroad, and follow international issues. A lifetime of intercultural experience and appreciation helps me effectively work with clients from diverse backgrounds.

Benefits of an Innovative Consulting Process

  • Insights from my groundbreaking research on how people discover their capacity for courage will help you move forward during times of uncertainty and change.
  • Your nature, work style, needs, and interests are the key ingredients for customizing your career and life management process.
  • You’ll enjoy the benefits of access to a wide range of original guides and tools that relate to your particular career and life management needs.

A Practical Approach Leads to Concrete Benefits

  • Your work with me is finite—it ends, you move on, and I’ll be here for you if you need me in the future.
  • I pay attention to practical considerations and to outcomes that will bring you meaning and pleasure while also meeting your financial needs.
  • Our scheduled meetings are one part of my service. I’m also available via email and phone when other needs or questions arise.
  • Hourly fees that you pay when we meet make it easier to manage your costs.

What other benefits can you expect? My career and life management consulting clients receive inspiration, learn on many levels, pursue new experiences, and get to practice the skills they need for their future.


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