Career Consulting Services & Workshops

U-turn = Old Life; Ahead = New Life

You’ll be able to keep your balance in the midst of uncertainty and discover your capacity for courage when you learn how to use proven tools and techniques to intentionally change your professional and personal life. Whether we work together 1–1 or in a group setting, you’ll benefit from my established approach, creative delivery, and individualized guidance.

Career Consulting Services

Whether you are ready to make a change or are being forced into a transition, there are manageable steps you can take to improve your outcomes and create a career that works for you. We start by laying a foundation for focus, decision making, and action—because that’s where your possibilities and powers lie!

Career & Life Management Consulting for Individuals & Dual-Career Couples

6–10 meetings

In this holistic process, you’ll start with career-focused work and then build on your transferable skills as you begin creating the life you want.

Career Management Consulting for Individuals & Dual-Career Couples

4–6 meetings

Identify your interests and needs so you can define and pursue a career that will bring you success on your own terms.

Consulting Costs & Logistics

Find specific information about fees, office location, and arrangements.

A bright future with career management consulting.

Benefits of My Career & Life Management Consulting

You’ll find your focus from our work together and enjoy personalized support, an innovative process, and my practical approach that leads to concrete outcomes.

Becoming More Courageous in Your Daily Life

Discover what it means to embrace your capacity for courage and reap the benefits.

What to Expect from My Career & Life Management Consulting

Learn how I work in partnership with clients to help them reach their goals.

Go Beyond Career Counseling

Learn how working with a career and life management consultant can help you reach your goals.

Career Workshops

Many existing groups within organizations and communities need the valuable guidance an experienced career management consultant has to offer. My experiential career workshops are informative, customized to meet your needs, and delivered with a dose of humor. If you’d prefer a career workshop on a specific topic, contact me to discuss your options.

Professional Development Workshops

As we travel our career paths, challenges emerge along the way. Experiential workshops support the professional growth and development of your group members and encourage them to learn from one another. We explore a range of practical skills and tools that prepare participants to take action on their own. If you’d prefer a workshop on a related topic, contact me to discuss your options.

Career Design for Your Clients—A Workshop for Helping Professionals

Many helping professionals need to address career design with their clients at some point. Learn how to apply proven career management techniques and successfully integrate new ideas and tools into your professional practice. This is the perfect workshop for psychologists, social workers, therapists, and other helping professionals who specialize in human development.

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