Why Read the Book?

Choose Courage combines Original Insights & Practical Tools

Focus on each reader’s actual life and situation:

  • shows how your own stories prove your capacity for courage, regardless of background
  • applies to a wide range of everyday as well as significant matters
  • emphasizes gradual growth and improvement in quality of life versus dramatic change
  • offers practical, effective, adaptable tools for achievable action
  • encourages starting at any point, honoring how life can loop, reverse, and move forward

Content that’s engaging and entertaining:

  • inspires with multi-layered design: poetry, art, drawings, photographs, and quotes
  • provides ways to combine play and work, development of individuals and relationships
  • enhances experience through humor and wit

Holistic and specific:

  • overarches and empowers most action through its 21st-century definition of courage
  • considers contexts of most people’s lives through trends, tendencies, and influences related to economics, politics, and social matters, without overwhelming
  • organizes book and effective use through substantial table of contents and index

Down-to-earth and inspiring:

  • provides hope through exploration of authenticity, commitment, passion, and vocation
  • recognizes realities of negative emotions such as discomfort, fear, anxiety, guilt, and suffering as well as limiting early imprints, while offering varied ways to transcend them
  • addresses intellectual, ethical, spiritual, and emotional aspects of behavior and action
  • uncovers each reader’s intrinsic strengths and potential

Sophisticated and simple:

  • uses accessible ideas and leads from a variety of disciplines, including sociology, psychology, philosophy, and biology; it’s a category-stretcher
  • avoids overwhelming with academic and clinical approaches while relying on original doctoral-level research for credibility, depth, and meaning

Valuable and efficient:

  • go-to source for professional and personal development that stretches categories
  • reasonable prices for illustrated, 332-page black & white paperback and color e-book versions
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