Book Excerpt—Choose Courage: Step Into the Life You Want

When the image of COURAGE on a movie marquee popped into mind during a university meeting on management effectiveness, Ruth Schimel sensed immediately how it integrated her life’s work. Her doctoral dissertation research then resulted in a feasible, 21st century definition of courage. The new definition in “Choose Courage:  Step into the Life You Want” leads to transcending negative thinking and emotions as well as expressing your unique strengths. You’ll also see how your own stories provide your capacity for courage.

Like life, “Choose Courage” is not linear; you can start wherever you wish and easily adapt material to your situations. Ample choices include action plans, checklists, and guides. Since words alone cannot capture your process of becoming courageous, photos, poetry, and drawings, inspire and add layers of meaning. For variety and depth, quotes, humor, and insights from multiple disciples also punctuate the text.

Get fresh, expert guidance on:

  • Building on your strengths and skills in various ways
  • Moving beyond internal barriers to make personal and professional progress
  • Taking consistent action to support your interests and goals
  • Making a positive difference in people’s lives
  • Enjoying the fruits of your efforts and powers

Choose Courage” reflects Dr. Schimel’s research and experience consulting with over 1,000 career and life management clients. She created and manages a new foundation model and has been a diplomat and professor of human resources.

Dr. Schimel’s education and interests bridge diverse disciplines. Her Ph.D. from George Washington University focused on public management, workforce development and gerontology. She received a B.S. in industrial and labor relations from Cornell University.

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