Choose Courage: Step Into the Life You Want

Do You Recognize Your Own Courage?

Choose Courage: Step Into the Life You Want transforms what could just be a heroic cliché into actual ways you can realize your true capacities. Based on doctoral-level research with everyday people, Ruth Schimel has developed a 21st -century definition of courage. Instead of telling other people’s stories, this book shows how your own efforts at dealing with difficult or challenging situations already prove your capacity for courage.

You’ll get the tools and guidance to build on your strengths and skills, whether or not you appreciate them entirely now. You’ll also benefit from an array of options for transcending emotional barriers. The design also distinguishes Choose Courage. Since life is not linear, you can choose among the wide range of standalone aspects; they include insights from multiple disciplines, action plans, guides, and checklists. Photos, drawings and poetry inspire and entertain, as do quotes and humor.

The holism of the one-sentence, new definition of courage integrates this richness and provides a firm platform for action. The book is adaptable to your situations. Avoiding the “just do it” tone of many self-help and how-to approaches, Choose Courage ($14.72 paperback /$9.99 Kindle) offers small, modest steps you can take for success that has meaning to you.

From the Book

You can begin your journey right now. Read an excerpt from the first section of Choose Courage or explore the Table of Contents to see what awaits you.

Why Read the Book?

What Makes Choose Courage original, valuable, and relevant? You’ll learn how other people develop and use their capacity for courage in daily life. The book’s content is engaging and entertaining—I’ve taken a holistic approach to the subject and focused on specific changes that will make a difference in your life.  Both down-to-earth and inspiring, sophisticated and simple, Choose Courage is a valuable book for anyone who wants to make the most of life and work.

Why Did I Choose Courage?

Let’s get personal—I have my reasons for studying courage and dedicating my practice to helping others find their capacity for courage. Why does courage matter to you?

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