Currently available individually and in bulk with new titles planned

Make useful choices and sustain effective action for professional and personal progress with these Choose Courage Handbooks.  They are designed to complement Choose Courage: Step Into the Life You Want or to be used independently. As you’ll see in the brief summaries below, each handbook addresses specific issues and opportunities.

The Handbooks vary between 50-9o pages and are interactive. They are user-friendly, enjoyable, and adaptable as your life evolves.  They also offer powerful processes for group training and development. All current and future Handbooks can be found for immediate purchase under Ruth’s name at or ordered through bookstores.  Each one is $5.50 in paperback; prices vary and can be lower in Kindle editions.  Click on the title links below to explore their content and order your copies.

Step Into the Success You Want: Sparking Your Powers (Choose Courage Handbook #1)

image1July 31, 2014 | By Ruth Schimel Ph.D.

Create success as you define it and reduce barriers to progress.


Step Into the Success You Want: Building Bridges to Achievement: Choose Courage (Choose Courage Handbook #2)

image2November 11, 2014 | By Ruth Schimel Ph.D.

Pursue your true interests, manage time, attract merited attention, discover your and others’ heroes within, and access your wisdom.


Choose Courage In Your Relationships: Empower Yourself First (Choose Courage Handbook #3)

image2March 29, 2015 | By Ruth Schimel Ph.D.

Make relationships flourish using your full range of interpersonal skills, viable expectations, care for others and unique charm.


Choose Courage: In Your Relationships: Thrive Together (Choose Courage Handbook #4)

image2November 19, 2015 | By Ruth Schimel Ph.D.

Benefit from others’ originality and strengths in partnerships, friendships, love and intergenerational situations. Use these processes to improve your choices.


Choose Courage in Your Relationships: Profit From Problems (Choose Courage Handbook #5)  COMING SOON

image2Spring 2016 | By Ruth Schimel Ph.D.

Untangle problems, expand your options, and thwart bullies and saboteurs. Improve your capacities for dealing with conflict and appreciating cultural difference.

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